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Advantages of sharing


Most people look to share accommodation as having the advantage of better quality accommodation, in a better location, for less than half the cost of living alone. Apart from the rental reduction other cost savings include sharing Gas, Electricity, Food and Maintenance.

In many cases the accommodation will be fully or mostly furnished and offer use of many mod cons. Depending on the number of occupants, living expenses can easily be reduced by 50% or more.

Social interaction.
Another popular advantage to sharing is good company. Many long and happy friendships have come about by people meeting people through sharing.

It can be fabulous for people whose work does not involve frequent contact with people or people who are extremely busy, as quite often, a flatmate becomes the equivalent of a "family member."

People being transferred or simply relocating from another town or country love the idea of sharing accommodation as it gives them time to settle in and get a good idea of their new environment.

Single lifestyle
People are becoming single or staying single more now than ever.

Our international staff will help you with language barriers, in order to smooth up the initial aproach to potential landlords and making the arrangements to go and check the rooms selected by you.

Many single people are buying homes and working longer hours. Not so long ago, most people were married by the age of thirty or younger and Shared Accommodation was much less common. These days many professional and stable people are looking to share as an on going lifestyle, offering all the benefits listed above.

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